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We took our children (9 and 13) on the night tour. Chad was our guide and he was excellent! Going thru the mangroves at night with a headlight on is amazing! We saw things that blew us away. My kids left with an experience that will stay with them forever. Do not miss this! It is reasonable and intimate. Just hearing the crabs click, seeing the worms and bacteria light up, hearing the tarpon feed and chasing stingrays was incredible! DO THIS TOUR!

Kayak Tour GroupMy wife an I went on a morning eco kayak tour today. It was wonderful. We previously flew in to Key West and did not have a car, which was no problem as they sent a van to pick us up from our bed and breakfast in town. The trip to the launch site was short where we were met by our guide Chris.

Chris was very attentive to our individual experience levels at kayaking. The eco tour was wonderful; Chris is well versed in the flora and fauna of the area. He pointed out and identified the birds flying about and showed us the various jellyfish, urchins, and other sea creatures we encountered. He even chased down a ray for us.

I would highly recommend this wonderful tour to both novice and expert kayakers! I went on a night kayaking trip with Blue Planet Kayaks.

-Dave & Cheryl, Leesburg, VA

We left the docks shortly before sunset, and headed to a mangrove island. Every member of the trip was given a headlamp to wear. The guide was great at finding different creatures in the sea: sea stars, slugs, even a conch! The sea comes to life at night. The tour was amazing. I saw so much wildlife. It was educational as well. Our guide was very knowledgeable. Our equipment was in good condition. It was a bit windy, so paddling out to the mangroves was slightly difficult, but not too hard, and it was completely worth it. This was truly a unique experience. The trip was wonderful. I would definitely do it again.

-Washington, D.C.

We spent a great day out on the water looking for wildlife and exploring the mangroves. We didn’t know anything about kayaking and had to learn as we went – it wasn’t difficult (in fact everyone in our group were newbies). The tour guide had so many interesting tales about the history and life of Key West. We learned so much about nature, pirates, treasure hunting, lifestyle, history and nautical law! It was well worth the money – about $50 pp for 3 hours. Would be great for teens and honeymooners. Wear sunscreen and bring lots of water. You will get some nice color!

-Long Island City, NY 

Sunset Tour GroupMy Husband and I took a night-kayaking excursion during our Anniversary vacation in Key West. It was one of the most interesting things we did that week. We met in a parking lot to find their van to follow them to their dock site. They also offer to pick you up if you don’t have a ride.

After a quick synopsis about how to kayak, we set out on our trip. The first part of the trip was during dusk, and very quiet. We found a few squid, jellyfish, & birds during this leg of the trip. The water is very still, and you will even find boats docked in the middle of the water as a place of residence, or for storage. The second leg of the trip (night-time) was more exciting. My Husband saw 2 HUGE spotted eagle rays with his headlamp. We followed them for about 10 minutes. I have never seen anything more graceful. I got a good look at a bonnethead shark that swam right past my kayak. We saw bio luminescent plankton that lit up as you put your oar in the sand. I also got to touch a sea slug and an urchin. We saw crab, and many Spiny Lobsters. You go through many mangroves, and have to steer well at the end of the trip. You will hear the many clicking crabs in the trees above, and just hope they don’t fall on you. :o )

Chad is an excellent guide. His personality is very mellow, and you can sense that he loves the beautiful creation he sees every day. He is very knowledgeable about the creatures, and you will learn many things. You will have to keep up in your kayak close to his kayak if you want to hear what he says. He’s very quiet, and I’m sure yelling across the water doesn’t help attract wildlife.

-Ft. Lauderdale, FL